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How it Works

Subscriptions for DOGS ONLY.

Subscription service is Weekly with a 4 week commitment and 3 lb minimum.

Our meals are prepared fresh and then frozen. 


Every DOG is different.

How much they eat will vary depending on: 

size, age, breed, activity level and whether or not your Dog is spayed or neutered.

Our container sizes are:

1 lb, 2 lb, and 4 lb. 

Meals can be kept frozen for up to 6 months, once thawed you must use within 4 days.


The below calculator will determine how much food is needed, per week, for your Dog.  

Moderate - 30-60 Minutes of activity a day

Active - 60+ Minutes of activity per day

Highly Active - 90+ Minutes of activity per day

Cost Per Meal copy.png

Every Dog has different caloric requirements.

Below is the average. 

Based off subscription pricing.

Cost Per Meal

1/4 Cup- $1.06

1/2 Cup - $2.13

3/4 Cup - $3.19

1 Cup - $4.25


Containers to Cups

1 lb. Container       2 Cups

2 lb. Container      4 Cups

4 lb. Container      8 Cups

Subscription pricing is charged by the pound, weekly.

All protein choices are $8.50 per pound.

** Please speak directly with someone about pricing for 30lbs or more 

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